Congratulations to Our Anglophile Film Festival Winners!

Anglophile Film Festival

All votes have been tallied and we're thrilled to announce the winners of Anglicon's first Anglophile Film Festival.

Anglicon attendees had the opportunity to watch 26 films (including both shorts and feature-length films) and to vote on the coveted Audience Choice award.  The Best Short Film and Best Feature winners were chosen by our panel of judges, who viewed all of the qualifying films prior to the convention weekend.

We'd like to offer our congratulations to our winners (below), and extend to all participating filmmakers our thanks and congratulations on a job well done!



Anglicon's Anglophile Film Festival Audience Choice: "Switch"

Written, Produced and  Directed by Nick Parker


Anglicon's Anglophile Film Festival Best Short Film:  "The Nostalgist" 

Directed and Written by Giacomo Cimini


Anglicon's Anglophile Film Festival Best Feature Film:  "Shadows of a Stranger"

Stranger Tale Films

Directed by Chris Clark and Richard Dutton

Written by Richard Dutton