Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor


Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith was born in 1943, and is known to television, movie and theatre audiences as the actor Sylvester McCoy.

Sylvester McCoy in TISWAS

In his early career, Patrick was a member of the experimental theatre troupe The Ken Campbell Roadshow, where, as fictional stuntman Sylvester McCoy, would often be seen stuffing ferrets down his trousers, hammering nails up his nose and setting fire to his head! When a reviewer missed the obvious cast list joke in the productions program (Sylveste McCoy as played by Sylvester McCoy) he took the name as his own, and added an R, becoming Sylvester McCoy!

Notable television appearances on the educational shows Vision On and Jigsaw, together with regular spots on the anarchic children’s Saturday morning live TV show TISWAS (Today Is Saturday. Watch And Smile) and the late night adult version OTT (Over The Top) Sylvester became a regular face on British television. 

He became the Seventh Doctor in 1987, taking over from Colin Baker – a notable regeneration scene in which Sylvester also played the sixth Doctor dressed in Bakers costume and donning a blond curly wig! Sylvester McCoy and Daleks
Sylvester McCoy as Radagast in The Hobbit Still actively involved in Doctor Who through the Big Finish audio adventures, Sylvester continues to be a regular face on television and in the theatre, but in recent years won a whole legion of new fans through his appearances as the wizard Radagast in The Hobbit trilogy. 



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