Anglicon 2018 Guests

The Women Of British Media

This year Anglicon is celebrating the Women of British Media – famous and instantly recognizable stars from television and film. We are pleased to announce the following guests making the trip to Anglicon…


Eve Myles

Eve Myles is best known to us as Torchwood's Gwen Cooper (and Doctor Who's Gwyneth), but you may have spotted her in many popular British shows, including Broadchurch, Victoria, and Merlin. (Sponsored by Ian and Dawn Shaw)

Nicola Bryant

Debuting opposite Fifth Doctor Peter Davison at the end of his reign, Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown is best associated with the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker.

Hattie Hayridge

Writer, performer and one of the UK’s top stand up comediennes, Hattie is best known to US audiences as Holly, the on board computer with an IQ of 6,000 in the ever popular scifi sitcom Red Dwarf. Hattie has also appeared in Jonathan Creek, Lexx, Superbob and Guardians. 

Patricia Quinn

Patricia Quinn is well-known as Magenta to fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She also appeared in I Claudius, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, Shock Treatment, Doctor Who, among other productions. (Sponsored by SciFi Monkeys)


Artists Alley

New for 2018, we’ll be opening Artists Alley. An opportunity to meet with fellow comic book fans, buy comics, fanzines and memorabilia from independent publishers and stallholders, as well as meet the local artists and writers behind some of your favorite titles.

We are thrilled to announce that attending our first Artists Alley will be top Marvel UK (and longest-serving Doctor Who comic strip artist) Lee Sullivan.


Lee Sullivan

If you’re a fan of British comics, or if you are an avid reader of "Doctor Who Magazine", you’ll instantly know of the work of top Marvel comic book artist Lee Sullivan.


Guests arranged through London-based independent event producer Mark Dando, (mark.dando [at]

Please note: Guest appearances can be subject to professional/work commitments.