Autograph Pricing:

  • Autographs are $50 each for Sylvester McCoy and Peter Davison. 
  • Pawtographs by the corgis Bentley the Poor Corgi Actor and/or his sister Farah are by donation. All proceeds go to Seattle Humane Society. ($20 donation encouraged.)

Photo Opportunity Pricing:

  • Photo ops are $60 each for Sylvester McCoy or Peter Davison
  • Photo ops with both doctors are $100
  • Photo ops for the Corgis are $40
  • Photo ops with Dalek(s), a prop/set piece, a cosplayer or so, just you, or a group of you, $20
  • Extra prints, or a digital copy, $10
  • All Photo Ops paid to Epic Photography. Cash or cards.

Prices are the same regardless of the number of fans in the photo.

Times (subject to change):

Friday, December 8
Signings with Doctors and others   12:00 PM
Signings with Doctors   1:30 PM
Photo Op With Sylvester McCoy   2:00 PM
Photo Op With Peter Davison   3:00 PM
Signings with Sylvester McCoy and others   4:00 PM
Photos and Pawtagraphes with Bentley   4:30 PM
Saturday, December 9
Photo Ops - Both Doctors   10:00 AM
Signings - Both Doctors   11:00 AM
Photos and Pawtagraphes with Bentley   1:00 PM
Photo Ops - both doctors   4:00 PM
Signing - Both doctors   5:00 PM
Sunday, December 10
Open Photo ops with Daleks, and set pieces   10:00 AM
Photo Ops - Doctors, Dogs and Daleks   11:00 AM
Photo Ops - Seattle Area Doctor Who Costuming Guild   12:30 PM
Signings - Doctors   1:00 PM
Photo Op - Both Doctors   1:30 PM
Photo Ops/Signings: Dogs and Daleks   3:00 PM