The original Anglicon (or "Classic Anglicon", as we like to call it) was conceived in 1987 and became an annual convention and 501(c)3 non-profit with any proceeds donated to KBTC, a PBS affiliate in Tacoma, Washington and, until recently, the only U.S. station which still aired classic Doctor Who episodes regularly.  

The first Anglicon was held in 1988  in Seattle, Washington. The last Classic Anglicon (Anglicon XVII) was held in 2004. Declining preregistration and hotel reservations forced the cancelation of Anglicon XVIII in 2006.

Nobody at that time could have guessed that a golden age for British media in America was just around the corner...

2015 and beyond

Anglicon 2016: Bigger on the Inside built upon the success of "The Regeneration" by offering expanded programming options and special events. Our celebrity guests were Dan Starkey, Annette Badland, Norman Lovett and Terry Molloy. Makeup artist Dutch Bihary (Skin Wars, Fresh Paint) also joined us and demonstrated his astounding talents.

Dan Portrait.jpg


Anglicon 2015: The Regeneration was a great success! 957 members joined Colin Baker, Katy Manning, Sophie Aldred, Jon Davey and Todd J. McCaffrey for a fun and memorable weekend!




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2013 - 2014

In December 2013, as Doctor Who and other British media achieved unprecedented popularity in the U.S., some local fans and veterans of various local concoms lamented the demise of Anglicon and the appalling lack of Doctor Who conventions in the Pacific Northwest.  

Discussions were had.  Plans were hatched.  Soon, formal meetings were held and papers were signed.  Anglicon still existed as a legal, non-profit entity dedicated to raising funds for KBTC, so the leadership of Anglicon was transferred to a new concom and a new set of officers — and Anglicon 2015: The Regeneration was born!  (Sadly, no flashy CGI effects were involved in the actual regeneration.)


1987 - 2006

Before Anglicon, media conventions in Washington State had not fared very well. In the 1970s, small cons like Seacon and KingCon gave way to the Puget Sound Star Trekker's conventions and PSST Con II in 1978.  Although it was a great experience for attendees, PSST Con lost $13,000. In 1983, Futurefest, held in downtown Seattle, failed to attract enough attendees to break even. It was followed by two disasters in Spokane in 1986, one for "Doctor Who" and one for "Star Trek." 

Understandably, by 1987 the phrase "media con" was not very popular. 

A small group of fans thought they could mount a small, cost-effective media convention for fans of every series to come celebrate their favorite movies and shows.  In March 1987, during Alternacon, the first proto-Anglicon meeting was held. Attendees included  DJ Driscoll, Eleanor Fadgen, Jeanne Hutton, Paul Johnson, Ryan K. Johnson, Pat McMahon, Michelle Roberts, and Sally Woehrle. They resolved to hold a small, media-oriented convention in 1988 with one guest and an expected 300 fans. 

They decided that Anglicon would be a British media convention and, for its first year, would hilight the British series "Blake's 7" and writer Terry Erdman.  With DJ Driscoll as Chair, they sent invitations to Paul Darrow and Michael Keating, but only Mr. Darrow was able to attend.  Paramount Pictures publicist Terry Erdmann also attended.  They chose Ryan K. Johnson as the Fan Guest. 


Paul Darrow
Anglicon I (May 6-8, 1988 at the Seattle Hyatt (now Quality Inn) Hotel): 330 fans attended and, due to fantastic sales of videotapes, an excellent art show, and incredible enthusiasm of Mr. Darrow, the con was a big hit both financially and with the members of fandom.
Michael Praed
Anglicon II (May 5-7, 1989 at the Seattle Hyatt)  The emphasis was on "Robin of Sherwood", the Showtime Original series.  420 fans attended.
Nicholas Courtney
Anglicon III (May 4-6, 1990 at the Radisson, formerly the Seattle Hyatt).  Guests included Roy Dotrice ("Beauty and the Beast") and Nicholas Courtney, whose appearances as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in "Doctor Who" span more than 20 years. 360 fans attended.
Lysette Anthony
Anglicon IV (May 3-5, 1991 at the Holiday Inn, Renton, WA). The guests of honor were Lysette Antony ("Dark Shadows"), Karen Dotrice ("Mary Poppins"), and her husband Alex Hyde-White ("Biggles: Adventures in Time"). Due to the Gulf War and the recession, our membership was smaller than usual, but all who attended had a wonderful time.
Richard Hatch
Anglicon V (1992 at the Radisson) featured last-minute guest Richard Hatch ("Battlestar: Galactica").
Colin Baker
Anglicon VI (1993) featured Colin Baker ("Doctor Who" - 6th Doctor), and actor/musician Michael Des Barres.
Craig Charles
Anglicon VII (1994 at the Quality Inn) featured Craig Charles (Lister from "Red Dwarf") and screen writer Terry McDonnell which drew the largest attendance of all the classic Anglicons.
Nigel Bennett
Anglicon VIII (1995) hosted Nigel Bennett ("Forever Knight") and writer/performer Randy Rogel.
Anneke Wills
Anglicon IX (1996) hosted Anneke Wills (companion Polly in "Doctor Who"), along with Gillian Horvarth and Donna Lettow of "Highlander: The Series" as writer guests of honor.
Peter Wingfield
Anglicon X (1997 - tenth anniversary) featured  Peter Wingfield and Marcus Testory ("Highlander: The Series"), along with popular writers Rebecca Neason, Donna Lettow and Gillian Horvarth. A surprise guest appearance by Phillip Segal was a tremendous hit in the Charity Auction. Attendance was at 395.
John Levene
Anglicon XI (1998) featured John Levene ("Doctor Who") and Danny John-Jules ("Red Dwarf") and a return visit from Mr. Craig Charles ("Red Dwarf"), Eric Hoffman, and Kevin Brockschmidt. Attendance was at 407.
Richard Biggs
Anglicon XII (1999) celebrated Babylon 5 with Jason Carter, Richard Biggs, Stephen Austin, and Maggie Egan. A very enjoyable weekend all around.
Erin Gray
Anglicon XIII (2000) brought back Stephen Austin (Babylon 5), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers, Silver Spoons), Michael Forrest (Star Trek, Zorro) and Robin Atkin Downes (Babylon 5, Charmed).
Robert Trebor
Anglicon XIV (May 18-20, 2001 at the Seatac Radisson Hotel) celebrated the fantastical past with Robert Trebor (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys).  Jane and John Llewellyn Moxey and Heather Alexander also joined us. 171 fans attended.
Terry English
Anglicon XV (Oct. 4-6, 2002 at the Everett Holiday Inn and Conference Center) included guests Terry English, John Moxey, and Heather Alexander.
Bill Blair
Anglicon XVI (Oct. 3-5, 2003) featured Bill Blair and Donna McMahon.
Kaja and Phil Foglio
Anglicon XVII (Oct. 15-17, 2004) Steampunk theme with Kaja and Phil Foglio.
Anglicon was officially canceled in 2006 due to lower-than-expected preregistrations and hotel reservations